Reporting a bug does not guarantee Loyalty or Donator Points as a reward. All rewards are given out on a bug-to-bug basis.

Even though we've checked everything pretty extensively, bugs happen! Bug reports are checked on a daily-basis, and rolled into our updates and patches. Rewards for submitting useful bug reports include Loyalty Points and/or Donator Points! Abuse of this system may result in being temporarily, or permenantly blocked from using the bug report system. Below is a list of a few guidelines before reporting a bug.
  • A bug is anything that happens in-game which differs from the expected functionality. This can include glitching through walls, items randomly disappearing, wrong emotes, non-working weapons or objects, and other broken aspects.
  • If the bug can be replicated, please include in your post how to replicate the issue.
  • These bug report submissions are viewable by everyone. Please check our Bug Database to make sure this bug hasn't already been submitted.

If you think your bug is worth reporting, please click the button below and fill out our bug report form, bug report submissions are immediately sent to our developers. Please try to provide as much information as possible when reporting.



This section is not for appealing a punishment please File an Appeal instead.

We spend a lot of time choosing staff members who are respectable and do their duties to the community. However, if you believe one of our staff members is abusing their powers and rights as a staff member, we want to know. Reporting a staff member immediately notifies owners of the server, so that we can take action promptly and effectively. Before reporting a staff member, please read the guidelines below before reporting a staff member.
  • Make sure the staff member is truly abusing their powers. Please read over our Staff Member Rules before reporting.
  • If you were wrongfully punished by a staff member, please make a single report. Do not make multiple accounts to try and argue or reason with the staff member.
  • Staff member reports are viewed within the hour, almost immediately. Please be prepared to have one of our higher-up staff members contact you.

If you have reviewed the guidelines above, and still believe a staff member is abusing their powers, please let us know immediately.


Please note that using this system will automatically send a message to all staff players that are currently online. Abusing this system will result in proper punishment.

We're a pretty lenient server with few rules, however, it's human nature to break rules- so is proper punishment for rule breakers. Before reporting a player, please follow the guidelines below.
  • Before reporting a player, double-check Our Rules and make sure a player is truly breaking one of our rules.
  • Before reporting a player, please try to resolve the issue with the player, if that doesn't work, try to resolve the issue with a staff member. If neither of those work, please use this system.
  • Please provide as much information as possible when reporting a player, images and videos always help the case and ensure prompt punishment of a player.

After going over the guidelines above, if you must report a player, please do so by clicking the button below.